Month: November 2017

New Bedford Fisherman

New Bedford continues to maintain its status as the number one fishing report in the United States. At this year’s New Bedford working waterfront festival the captain of the scalloper Elizabeth and Niki offered tours. I had a chance to speak to the captain and first mate on what it’s like to be a fisherman, and how difficult a life it is. I also had an opportunity to look at the inside workings of the ship itself.

Interview with Larry Soares

Many people know Larry Soares by the sound of his voice. For nearly 20 years he worked at popular radio station Fun 107. For much of that time, he worked on the morning show with very well-known radio personalities such as JR, Michael Rock, and Sharon Fogaren. He left a couple of years ago and is now pursuing a career as a standup comedian. It’s an interesting story for sure.