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Mike Couto, formerly of Couto and Mulligan, sings a song he wrote called “Old New England Christmas”

Mike Couto, who is perhaps best known for his work as part of the duo “Couto and Mulligan” with the late Bill Mulligan and is very successful now as a solo performer, enjoys writing music. During last years holiday season, he brought back the feel of the Christmas times of yesteryear, with a special song with a New Bedford touch including references to the hustle and bustle of the old downtown shopping district. The song is called “Old New England Christmas” and is a real holiday treat!

Chops Turner Sings classic Nate King Cole Christmas song!

Chops Turner is a well known singer songwriter having worked at Maurice Starr Entertainment. He is originally from Providence, Rhode Island but has spent much time in Southeastern Massachusetts, including New Bedford, and currently lives in Fall River. During a Christmas special on my TV show New Bedford Connections, Chops made an appearance. He demonstrated his showmanship qualities during our interview and nailed the classic Christmas song also known as “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”!

Mike Couto

Mike Couto is probably best known for his work as a musician as part of the team Couto and Mulligan. For nearly a half a century Couto and Mulligan performed all around the area playing great music and entertaining audiences with their terrific sense of humor. Bill Mulligan passed away a couple of years ago but I had a chance to catch up with Mike who is performing around the area as a top-notch solo act. I also put together a clip of a performance they did on my TV show a few years ago.